It’s that time of year again!

Posted by Binghamton Rowing on Aug 20 2017 at 05:46PM PDT

It’s that time of year again! We hope that everyone had a fantastic summer full of erging and time with family and friends. Our first practice is rapidly approaching and we would just like to welcome you all back before your schedules become too full. Eric and I firmly believe this year has the potential for greatness. However, medals are not won by words. You are what make this team special and what makes this sport possible and as a result you must decide how successful this year will be. If you give nothing but your best and believe in one another then the sky is the limit. Each and every person has the ability to get into the fastest boat, it all comes down to how badly you want it. As new coaches, Eric and I will not stop improving on our style so that we may better guide you to greatness. Now, get out there this Wednesday and make every stroke count!


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